Monday, January 23, 2012

Don't be a Victim of a Corrupt Database

Microsoft Dynamics NAV uses its database extensively. This puts a lot of stress on the server software and hardware. Sometimes programming errors in driver software or problems in hardware can cause database corruption. Database corruption can remain undetected for days or months until the data is needed. Consequences of data inconsistency can be disastrous to an organization.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Take your field service to a new level with ExpandIT Mobile Service

Take your field service to a new level with ExpandIT Mobile Service

In today's competitive market, companies have to focus even more on providing world class service. Your entire organization needs to be connected - from the front line to the back office. ExpandIT Mobile Service allows your team to be more effective and efficient, keeping you ahead of the competition.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Go Paperless, Get Paid Faster, Save the Planet

Instead of mailing out invoices to your customers, why not do it electronically? Send electornic quotes, invoices, and more to your customers via email quickly and easily, saving you time, paper, and money.

Going paperless in NAV used to mean having a developer created reports and other complicated programming. Now, with ExpandIT MaitIT Basic, going paperless is easier than ever!

MailIT Basic is a product that works out of the box. It can be implemented on all versions of Dynamics 2.01 and later. The solution does not require new objects in the customer's solution, so it can be sold to customers that do not have a "maintenance license" for Dynamics NAV.

See how easy going paperless can be!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Credit Card Processing in Your Hands

Take Payments on the go?

Does your business go to tradeshows where you need to take orders? Do your service personnel need to be able to take payment on site? Step out of the office and into the field with PCI Charge Mobile.

With the PCI Charge Mobile credit card processing solution, you can get paid on the spot, process any major credit card, and get authorizations in seconds - no need to write down payment information or call into your back office. All while synching seamlessly with your NAV back-end system, updating the G/L automatically so you don't have to.

As part of our Warm Your Winter promotion, order PCI Charge Mobile within the next two months, and receive 20% off the list price.

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(Note: Discount is valid thru March 31, 2011. Offer applies only to license fees, not maintenance fees, contracts or services.)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why are Reviews and Ratings Vital to Your e-Commerce System?

Product Ratings Mean More Business

User reviews and ratings are vital to your e-Commerce business. Why? The short answer is everyone researches products online before making a buying decision, and being able to find those reviews impacts the products that they choose.

Just look at these statistics:

  • High product rating will increase likelihood of purchase for 55% of consumers. (eConsultancy, July 2010)

  • Rubbermaid found that, when they added reviews to their free-standing inserts (ads included in newspapers), conversion for the coupons increased by 10%. (Rubbermaid Case Study, April 2010.)

  • By 2014, 53% of total retail sales (online and offline) will be affected by the Web, as consumers increasingly use the Internet to research products before purchasing. (Forrester, March 2010)

  • 84% of consumers said they were more likely to check online for reviews prior to making a purchase compared to twelve months ago, according to a recent survey by Brand Reputation. (Retail Bulletin, October 2009)

  • 83% of all holiday shoppers are influenced by customer reviews. (ChannelAdvisor "Consumer Shopping Habits Survey", August 2010)

  • 91% of millionaires say they always or often look at reviews before buying luxury goods; 68% of ultra-affluent shoppers use consumer reviews. (Unity Marketing/Google study, reported in AdAge, October 2008)

  • When making purchase decisions, North American Internet users trust recommendations from people they know and opinions posted by unknown consumers online more than advertisements on television, on the radio, in magazines and newspapers, or in other traditional media. (Nielsen Online, April 2009)

  • A survey of 1,000 online shoppers found that, while 46% of e-shoppers find value in product recommendations from their friends, 47% look to onsite customer reviews when making a decision. (Manage Smarter, September 2009)

  • Customer reviews are the most effective social tactic for driving sales, followed by question-and-answer features and a Facebook fan page where companies post information. (Etailing survey of 117 companies, September 2009)

  • Some 70% of Americans say they consult product reviews or consumer ratings before making a purchase, according to an October 2008 survey by Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates, a research and consulting firm. (Business Week, October 2009)

  • 63% of consumers indicate they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews. (Major consumer electronics retailer/iPerceptions study, January 2008)

  • 81% of consumers consider the availability of customer reviews to be "very important" (33%) or "somewhat important" (48%). (Major consumer electronics retailer/iPerceptions study, January 2008)

  • 70% of online consumers said they use the Internet to research everyday grocery products. (Prospectiv, January 2008)

  • According to a survey of 2,445 US online consumers, 82% considered user-generated reviews “extremely valuable or valuable." (North American Technographics Retail Online Survey Q3, 2008)

  • Over 50% of respondents from Germany (56%), Italy (55%) and the UK (54%) agreed that “customer ratings/reviews help me decide whether or not to purchase a product/service.” (European Technographics Retail, Customer Experience and Travel Online Survey Q3, 2008)

  • Customer reviews are an important research tool for online consumers, with 71 percent agreeing that consumer reviews make them more comfortable that they are buying the right product. (Nielsen Online Holiday Survey, December 2008)

  • 41% of Europeans claim to have changed their mind about what brand to buy as a result of researching choices online, according to EIAA's latest Mediascope survey. (Mediascope Europe, November 2008)

  • The Trust in Advertising survey of 26,000+ found that Consumer Recommendations are the most credible form of advertising. ("Social Media Marketing: The Right Strategy for Tough Economic Times" Awareness, 2008)

  • Nearly 49% of shoppers have made a purchase based on a recommendation through a social media property; respondents most relied on the following sources when making a purchase decision: 60.53% user reviews; 20.48% comparison charts; 15.41% editorial reviews; 3.58% shared shopping lists. (Razorfish, October 2008)

  • 46% of Britons now read online reviews or recommendations on a specific product before buying it and 32% are willing and able to publish a review online - but only 19% would be prepared to write a letter to a retailer. (1&1 Internet survey of 1600 consumers, December 2008)

  • As of October 2008, almost half of US online adults read ratings and reviews at least once a month, and 19% post them. Nearly twice as many read reviews compared with 2007. (The Growth Of Social Technology Adoption, Forrester, October 2008)

  • Nearly half (49%) of shoppers intend to do their holiday gift buying online (versus in-store), and 72% are planning to research products online prior to purchasing (vs. 65% in 2007). ("Mindset of the Multi-Channel Shopper Holiday Survey," e-tailing group, October 2008)

  • Mobile user-generated content will generate $5.7 billion worldwide in 2012, up from $576 million in 2007. ("Mobile Social Networking: Opportunities & Forecasts 2008-2013," Juniper Research, October 2008)

  • 57.2% of U.S. toy purchasers are influenced by product reviews online. (Ad-ology Media Influence on Consumer Choice, Fall 2008)

  • 70% consult reviews or ratings before purchasing (BusinessWeek, Oct. 2008)

  • Traffic to the top 10 review sites grew on average 158% last year (

  • 97% who made a purchase based on an online review found the review to be accurate (Comscore/The Kelsey Group, Oct. 2007)

  • 51% of consumers use the Internet even before making a purchase in shops (Verdict Research, May 2009)

  • 92% have more confidence in information found online than from a salesclerk or other source (Wall Street Journal, Jan 2009)

  • 90% of online consumers trust recommendations from people they know; 70% trust unknown users, 27% trust experts, 14% trust advertising, 8% trust celebrities (Econsultancy, July 2009, Erik Qualman, Socialnomics)

  • The average consumer mentions specific brands over 90 times per week in conversations with friends, family, and co-workers. (Keller Fay, WOMMA, 2010)

  • 61% of people rely on user reviews for product information or research before a buying decision is made. (Razorfish, 2008)

  • 34% have turned to social media to air their feelings about a company. 26% to express dissatisfaction, 23% to share companies or products they like. (Harris Poll, April 2010)

  • 75% of people don’t believe that companies tell the truth in advertisements (Yankelovich)

  • Availability of product ratings was a factor for 59% of UK shoppers, as was the availability of user-generated or consumer product reviews (57%). (eConsultancy, July 2010)

  • Nearly two-thirds (64%) of the UK population have researched products/services online within the last 3 months. (European Commission, May 2010)

  • Luxury Institute research revealed that, of the customers who shop for high-end merchandise online, 78 percent of them did so in order to find the best price while nearly as many, 77 percent, did so to compare brands (BrandWeek, January 2010).

  • 25% of search results for the world’s top 20 largest brands are links to user-generated content. (Socialnomics, 2009)

  • 97% of UK female Internet users research products online and 92% of UK female Internet users buy products online. (eMarketer, February 2009)

Let your website take advantage of these numbers with the reviews and ratings feature available with our ExpandIT Internet Shop Enterprise. Not only can consumers get the information they are looking for, increasing your sales, but you can also access this information directly in your NAV system on the item card!

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Friday, January 28, 2011

UPS WorldShip Seamlessly Synched with NAV

WorldShip Integration

Why waste time re-entering data, risking error and losing productivity, when you can have it sync seamlessly & automatically! The ExpandIT WolrdShip Connector allows you to seamlessly integrate UPS WorldShip with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, saving you time and money while increasing speed and accuracy!

Take a moment now to save hours in the future:

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Online Production Management - A Powerful Tool That's Simple to Use

Taking your ERP to the shop floor can be critical to the viability of your enterprise. High-performing manufacturers have found that full integration of real-time operational data collected from the shop floor to the top floor is key to reducing costs, streamlining operations and improving customer satisfaction. Now this integration can be done cost-effectively.

Online Production Management streamlines your company’s operations and simplifies shop floor management saving you time and money.

Best of all, Online Production Management makes the most of your investment by only requiring one NAV session - no matter how many shop-floor employees you may have!

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